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Verizon Wireless International Roaming

In the old days, we had to qualify our customers as to whether they regularly traveled internationally or just domestically. For the globe trotters, we recommended AT&T/Cingular/T-Mobile, the only world options back then. Unfortunately, none of these carriers worked as well as Verizon in the United States. Now you can have the best of both worlds. Verizon actually has the lowest roaming rates of any carrier in premium countries. They also recently introduced plans that make Mexico part of their local US network minutes.

Doing business in New York or New Zealand, Global Phone Service will be working for you.
In addition to accessing the nation's best, most reliable network*, international business travelers can now enjoy wireless service in over 100 of the world's top business centers in Asia, the Americas, Africa, Australia and Europe.

Mexico Roaming Just Got More Reasonable
Watch out for the Mexican roaming bandit. Mexico's state carrier, TelCel charges $1.49 per minute. Verizon just launched new plans that are perfect for regular Mexico travelers. Effective May 3, 2009 “Nationwide Plus Mexico” plans are now available. These include Unlimited Long Distance to, and no voice Roaming Charges in, the U.S. and Mexico! These are great plans for anybody who travels to Mexico to work or visit friends and family. These plans start at $54.99 for 450 minute per month up to $214.99 for 6000 minutes. They also feature 900, 1350, 2000, and a 4000 minute plan. All include 1000 minutes of Free Nights and Weekends, Unlimited Long Distance to Mexico and no voice or roaming charges in the US or Mexico. Contact us to learn more.

Global Phone Service offers:

* One Phone.  Use the same phone in the U.S. and while traveling abroad.
* One Number.  Business associates and clients can reach you at home and abroad using the same Verizon Wireless mobile number.
* One Bill.  Track your U.S. calls and international calls on one monthly bill.
* One Point of Contact.  Call Verizon Wireless at home or from anywhere in the world.
* One Low Base Rate.  Pay just $1.29 per minute, plus long distance charges when applicable, in over 100 countries.

Get Global Phone Service
Simply purchase Global Phone and a Verizon Wireless all digital calling plan. When using your phone in CDMA mode in the U.S. and within your calling plan's home airtime rate and coverage area, your calls are applied towards your plan's allowance minutes. When using your phone in GSM mode when traveling abroad in over 100 countries, calls are just $1.29 per minute plus applicable long distance.


Most countries

Premium counties




Corporate customers

Please check with your Verizon Wireless representative for business pricing.

Premium countries are Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Indonesia, Kenya, Maldives, Mali, Nepal, Russia, and Sri Lanka. Dr Wireless Corporate accounts only pay $1.99 in premium countries. Ask us for details.

International long distance per-minute rates apply in addition to airtime rates on incoming calls and when roaming in GSM mode, on voice mail deposits and retrievals. International long distance charges vary depending on your location when a call or voice mail is received or retrieved. In most countries the rate is $0.65 per minute or $1.50 per minute but can be as high as $9.17 per minute in some countries.

Dr Wireless Recommends...

RIM's newest BlackBerry Tour 3G World Edition
This new BlackBerry has a 3.2mp camera, media player and a new 512mHZ processor. It's Hi Res screen and blazing internet browsing speeds make it the best Blackberry ever.
The Tour also works in Japan and Korea which makes it a true world device. Also available on the SprintPCS network.

What do I need to do to roam internationally?

For minimal to moderate airtime users, Dr Wireless recommends roaming with your local wireless service provider. The benefits are simplicity. Anyone calling your local 7 digit mobile number will be routed to your overseas destination without even knowing you are out of the country. While this is the easiest scenario, it is not the best for heavy users. (see below)

1) Make sure you have a GSM phone that is world capable. Most AT&T and T-Mobile models support international usage. Recently Sprint and Verizon have began to offer models that support international usage. The BlackBerry Tour is currntly our favorite world model with both Verizon and Sprint.

2) Make sure to contact your wireless service provider and request they enable international roaming and international long distance. It is not enough to just purchase a world phone.

3) Double check this has been done! We occassionally find that the carriers may enable only international long distance and not international roaming which will do you no good.

4) It's also a good idea to have a list of the country codes you plan to call as well as the name of the overseas carrier your local carrier uses for roaming.

5) Most phones automatically search for the proper GSM frequency but not always. Turn your phone off, then on and cross your fingers! If your phone does not automatically select the appropriate carrier, it may be necessary to manually select the appropriate frequency and carrier if there are more than one roaming partners in the market you are visiting.

6) Make sure you have the proper plug adapters to charge your phone. Most world phones are compatible with 110/220volts but they don't always include the proper charging adapter for the country you are visiting.

What Happens if My Phone Doesn't Work?

If you cannot make or receive calls. Try calling 611 to access the local carrier. If this does not work, call the (800) number of your wireless carrier or call our Dr Wireless support team to trouble shoot the problem and resolve it.

Is There a More Cost Effective Solution?

Your wireless carrier would prefer we not divulge this secret, but here it is! If you are planning on using your phone extensively or staying overseas for an extended visit, we have found a way to eliminate roaming charges completely. Dr Wireless also sells special "Unlocked" International phones that can be used with any GSM wireless carrier in the World. Generally, when you buy a world phone from your wireless carrier, it is "locked" to their network exclusively. This means that while it is possible to use it internationally, it will only accept your home wireless carrier's SIM card. This guarantees they will be billing you for roaming charges if you use it while abroad. We have found that it is far more cost effective for heavy users to bring an unlocked GSM world phone to the country they are visiting. Simply ask the hotel concierge for the nearest wireless phone store. Bring the unlocked phone to them. Tell them you would like to buy a wireless prepaid card and specify whether you will be using it in their country only or all over Europe. They will insert their SIM card and assign you a local mobile number with voice mail and a pre-determined amount of prepaid minutes. It is then necessary to notify your friends, family and /or business associates of your new overseas mobile number. Simply use a credit card to pay for additional minutes if needed. The beauty of this technique is all roaming charges are completely eliminated. The other major benefit is that in most of Europe, inbound calls are totally FREE and do not even count against your provided minutes. This means that even calls from the United States don't cost you a cent! Contact us for further details.

Dr Wireless can also save you up to 85% on international wireless calls originating in the USA. Ask us for details. No monthly costs involved, just pay as you use. Many countries in Europe are under $0.10 per minute. WOW!

International Internet countries and carriers
This is a list of the countries where International Internet service is available. To see coverage, rates, and provider information, select the wireless service provider for the country in which you will travel. The hot deal is using a BlackBerry device while roaming overseas. Verizon can calendar your travel dates and temporarily change your domestic BlackBerry e-mail and internet browsing plan to their international $69.99 per month version. This plan includes unlimited web browsing while abroad as well as e-mail.

Country Wireless Internet service providers

Australia Telstra
Austria Connect (one) Austria
Austria T-Mobile Austria (max.mobil)
Canada Microcell
Rogers AT&T Wireless
Croatia HT Mobile (Croatian Telecom)
Czech Republic T-Mobile Czech Republic (RadioMobil)
Denmark Sonofon
Estonia Radiolinja Estonia
Finland Sonera
France Orange France (France Telecom Mobile)
France SFR
T-Mobile Germany (D1 DeTeMobil)
Germany Vodafone Germany (D2 Mannesmann)
Hong Kong CSL Hong Kong
Hong Kong New World
Hong Kong Orange Hong Kong (Hutchison Max Telecom)
Hong Kong SmarTone Hong Kong
Hungary Westel
Iceland Landssíminn (Iceland Telecom Ltd)
Ireland Vodafone Ireland (EirCell)
Israel Cellcom
Israel Orange Israel (Partner Communications)
Italy TIM Italy (Telecom Italia Mobile)
Italy Vodafone Italy (Omnitel)
Italy Wind
Japan Vodafone Japan (J-Phone)
Latvia LMT (Latvian Mobile Telephone)
Lithuania Omnitel Lithuania
Luxembourg P & T Luxembourg (Lux GSM)
Luxembourg Tango Luxembourg (Tele2. Millicom)
Macau SmarTone Macau
Monaco Orange France
Monaco SFR
Netherlands KPN Mobile Netherlands

Netherlands T-Mobile Netherlands (Ben)
Netherlands Vodafone Netherlands (Libertel)
Norway Telenor Mobil
Philippines Globe Telecom
Philippines Smart Communications Inc (Smart Gold GSM)
Poland Centertel
Poland ERA (Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa)
Portugal TMN
Romania MobiFon
San Marino TIM Italy (Telecom Italia Mobile)
San Marino Vodafone Italy
San Marino Wind
Singapore MobileOne
Singapore Singapore Telecom Mobile (SingTel)
Singapore StarHub
Slovak Republic EuroTel Bratislava
Slovak Republic Orange Slovakia (Globtel)
Spain Retevision Movil (AMENA)
Spain Telefonica Moviles España (MoviStar)
Sri Lanka MTN Sri Lanka
Sweden TeliaSonera Mobile
Switzerland Orange Switzerland
Switzerland Sunrise (TDC Switzerland. diAx)
Switzerland Swisscom
Taiwan Chungwa
Thailand Advanced Info Service (AIS)
Turkey Turkcell
United Kingdom O2 UK (BT Cellnet)
United Kingdom T-Mobile UK (Mercury. One2One)
United Kingdom Vodafone UK
Ukraine Kyivistar
United Arab Emirates Etisalat
Vatican TIM Italy (Telecom Italia Mobile)
Vatican Vodafone Italy
Vatican Wind

How to make international calls
It's easy to make international calls on your wireless phone.While traveling outside the US:

Back to the US

(just add the “+” key) Dial the “+” key     1 area
code local

To another country

Dial the “+” key country
code city
code local

Within the country city
code local

From the US to
another country
Dial the “+” key country
code city
code local

To access the "+" key:
Nokia -
press "*" key twice in rapid succession.
Sony Ericsson -
press and hold the 0 key until the "+" sign appears.
Motorola -
press and hold the 0 key until the "+" sign appears.
Samsung -
press and hold the 0 key until the "+" sign appears.
Blackberry 6210
- press Alt (bottom, far left key) and the letter “I”
Treo 270 -
press the blue button and then the “g” key
Pocket PC -
pull up the keyboard and press the [123] button in top left corner. Select "+" from the resulting screen.

Country Codes

Alaska 1
Albania 355
Algeria 213
American Samoa 684
Anguilla 1-264
Antarctica (Norfolk & AET) 672
Antarctica (New Zealand) 64
Antigua/Barbuda 1-268
Argentina 54
Armenia 374
Aruba 297
Ascension 247
Australia 61
Austria 43
Azerbaijan 994
Bahamas 1-242
Bahrain 973
Barbados 1-246
Belarus 375
Belgium 32
Belize 501
Bermuda 1-441
Bolivia 591
Botswana 267
Brazil 55
British Virgin Islands 1-284
Brunei 673
Bulgaria 359
Cambodia 855
Cameroon 237
Canada 1
Caicos Islands 1-649
Cayman Islands 1-345
Chile 56
China 86
Christmas Island 672
Cocos Island 672
Columbia 57
Costa Rica 506
Croatia 385
Cyprus 357
Czech Republic 420
Denmark 45
Domestic Calls 1
Dominica 1-767
Dominican Republic 1-809
East Atlantic Ocean—
Immarsat 871
Ecuador 593
Egypt 20
El Salvador 503
Estonia 372
Falkland Islands 500
Fiji 679
Finland 358

France 33
French Antilles 596
F.Y.R.O.M. (Macedonia) 389
Country (G-N) Code
Georgia 995
Germany 49
Gibraltar 35
Grand Turk TC 1-649
Greece 30
Greenland 299
Grenada & Carriacou 1-473
Guadeloupe 590
Guam 671
Guatemala 502
Hawaii 1
Honduras 504
Hong Kong 852
Hungary 36
Iceland 354
India 91
Indian Ocean—
Immarsat 873
Indonesia 62
Ireland 353
Israel 972
Italy/Vatican City 39
Ivory Coast 225
Jamaica 1-876
Japan 81
Jordan 962
Kazakhstan 7
Kuwait 965
Latvia 371
Lebanon 961
Liechtenstein 423
Lithuania 370
Luxembourg 352
Macau 853
Macedonia 389
Malaysia 60
Malta 356
Mauritius 230
Mexico 52
Moldova 373
Monaco 377
Montserrat 1-664
Morocco 965
Netherlands 31
Nevis 1-869
New Caledonia 687
New Zealand 64
Nicaragua 505
Nigeria 234
Norway 47
Country (O-Z) Code
Pacific Ocean—


Verizon also offers... the Blackberry 8830 World Edition, The BlackBerry Storm World Edition, The Motorola Z-6C and several other Samsung Windows 6.1 SmartPhone PDA's

All countries in which international roaming is offered may not be listed, and the countries listed may change from time to time

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